Bonus Hybrid Webinar Training

This is the full training page for the HYBRID System – 
I used to own a webinar platform called Webinar JEO – 
These days, I prefer MeetVio 
But the techniques are identical. ENJOY

You can begin here 🙂

Or you can skip to the details.

This is a high level overview –
We run through the priciples and how everything works.
BELOW this video, are the step by step details of this system – outlining absolutely everything for you.

Module 1: What is the HYBRID System and why does it work so well?


Module 2: Setting up your opt in pages


Module 3 Adding to your database


Module 4: Crafting Your Presentation


Module 5: Video Playback Settings


Module 6: Running Your Presentations: Important notes on Media Elements and Questions


Module 7: Using Facebook ads to generate webinar attendees


Module 8: Reminder and Follow Up Email Sequence

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