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Now You Can…
check Automatically Find a Targeted Audience Without Wading Through Endless Search Results – Get to the Right People Faster Than You Ever Imagined!
check Dramatically Increase Your Response Rate and Skyrocket Your Success With This Proven Technique!
check Stop Throwing Hundreds of Dollars at Overpriced Facebook Ads and Keep Your Money Where it Belongs – In Your Pocket!

So… Here is the deal,

We all know there is money in Facebook. With hundreds of millions of users, there are literally thousands of contacts at your disposal. Whether you are marketing to potential clients or trying to get affiliates on board, Facebook is the place to make connections.


Sent Message to Affiliate

FB Lead Master Pro. Search And Send Software.

Your Time Saving Miracle – Find and Contact a Targeted Audience Quickly and Easily!

This is definitely the product you’ve been waiting for.

FINALLY… no more wasting HOURS of your time trying to get your message out there.

“It’s About Time There was a Facebook Advertising Solution That Didn’t Take HOURS or Break the Bank!…”

Let's look at exactly what FB Lead Master Pro Search and Send Software is going to do for you.

In just a few minutes from now, you will be able to

  • Find your targeted audience quickly – no more shuffling through Facebook search results looking for potential prospects. You’ll get all the information you need automatically!
  • Save hundreds – even thousands! – on overpriced Facebook ads that barely draw in any visitors since most people ignore them.
  • Reach ONLY those people who have already told us they are interested
  • Easily retrieve past messages for future use – no need to waste time writing out new messages when you don’t need to!
  • Contact (Not Only) the Right people, but the people who have HUGE influence in the circles you are trying to get to!

The best part of FB Lead Master Pro?

You Can Get Responses from Affiliates and Customers in Less than 6 Minutes!

Sound crazy? Of course it does!

What kind of advertising method actually works that quickly?

Answer: FB Lead Master Pro does!

Check this out… A REAL example of sending out while we were testing the software. We looked for people interested in Domaining (buying and selling domain names)…. And landed a HUGE affiliate to promote our product (within 6 minutes!)

Sent Message to Affiliate


Over 500 sales on JVZoo already. This person is not just someone interested… But someone with MASSIVE influence.

The ‘SCALE-ability' of this Software is phenomenal. Since I want you to be successful with this remarkable advertising tool, I’m going to let you in on one huge secret to maximize your success.

Getting in touch and affiliated with People and groups

who are interested and already active in your area or niche.

So what exactly does that mean?

Lets see it in action

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FB Lead Master Pro Automatically Finds Your Targeted Audience Based Keywords, Making sure You are talking to the right audience & Giving You Higher Response Rates!

That means…

  • You’ll be contacting the RIGHT people who will be interested in your offer, without having to spend hours doing the search yourself, Facebook Overlord does that for you!
  • By taking a targeted approach, you will increase the number of responses.
  • Your business will have ongoing success as you create lasting affiliates and customers.

Sent Message to Affiliate


So you can reach a targeted audience quickly and easily without clearing out your Paypal account, but how much are you going to have to spend on FB Lead Master Pro?

And as such – You will have access to the software for free. BUT – there are some warnings that come with it… Please listen to understand.


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Hit me up for a license –
Or Skype: umoweb

Let's Get To The Results!!!