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I had an interesting conversation a few minutes ago with my Three Year old daughter as I dropped her off to play with some friends….. She asked me, as we went out to the car, about our office – which is where Daddy goes to make money… I said”yes Sweetheart” and then started talking in general about money and it's use in daily life….

“We use money for all kinds of things honey…. We need money for clothes and we need money for food and we need money for toys and even we need money for medicines and childcare…..”

She said “Ok Daddy…” And for her… I am sure that she Knew Daddy had all that stuff under control.

But it got me thinking….

We DO need money for all that stuff. We always need it. It is as someone once said “right up there with Oxygen”…. But also I was thinking now philosophically….

How should it be that we have MORE than we need…

And the answer hit me – strange at 34 years old it has taken me untol now to see this…

You see, this was my thought; “If we GIVE more value into society, than we take…. then we will always have more money than we need”

Let me just see if I can explain…

Let's say the value of your services are worth $500 – And food, groceries, school, car, fuel etc…. alll adds up to about $500 as well.

So – in essence, you are taking from the community and the world – the same value as you are giving back to it. No problem, state of the nation (as things are).

So – let's paint a different picture… Let's say that what you Do FOR PEOPLE can increase in value… Let's say that NOW the WORTH of your services can increase to $1000

You now have the same bills and you have an additional $500.

The skeptics will say…. Yes but there is always something…. something that will chew up that extra money –

And whilst that is true for the skeptics… There is also truth in the thought and the message.

To have more… you have to GIVE more.

Be MORE valuable.

Become WORTH more.

And that in turn will guarantee that you always have a ready deposit in your bank account (literally or metaphorically) For withdrawl.

You see – If you become more valuable…. What you do is WORTH more to those that come in contact – then you will by the laws of nature have abundance over your needs.

Give more into the pot, than you take out – and sure as the sun will rise, the pot itself will get bigger. More affluent, and able to provide for more than just you and basic needs.

Give more than you take…..

Or said a little softer… Become more valuable and offer more WORTH in your days transactions and the world will keep your deposits safe and return you with interest.

Become more valuable in your transactions. Study how to be better. Better at your job

Better at making money

Better as a Husband, Wife, Son or Daughter   and YES you can study these things.

Study – not necessarily in a book or training course (although that surely is the fastest track) but study best practice.

How are the people who are really good in those areas behaving.

Become WORTH more in your daily interactions…. and surely the world will hold your abundance and generosity in good stead.


Author: Walt
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1 thought on “Become More Valuable to The Marketplace

  1. Thanks Walter for this amazing post. By reading this it just came to my mind what Henry Ford quotes, "The man who will use his skill and constructive imagination to see how much he can give for a dollar, instead of how little he can give for a dollar, is bound to succeed."

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