AGENCYBUD PODCAST EPISODE 9: Hemal Majithia How to Build Your Agency Sustainably Without Shock Rises and Falls

Growth from networks, and the law of averages PLUS the work you do

Show Notes:

2:43 One of my mentors basically told me something that Hemal why don’t you look at a person who you can work under rather than a company?

5:59 And we took this journey for Oktobuzz together. I, my wife, my boss. And we said, let’s begin this journey together. And we started from a bedroom. People start from the garage. We didn’t have a garage.

07:17 92.8% clients have been with us for more than three years. And that’s something which we focus on consciously. Retention and client happiness is a very important, big thing for us.

9:41 And we honestly tell our clients that, you know, these are the services that we outsource, and these are the services that are in house that we do. And they in fact, give us a plus points

13:21 We want to go slow. We want to go sustainable. And like you said, the definition of sustainable is different for different people

13:48 You have to have creative chaos, otherwise the juices won’t flow sometimes

16:45 The first two or three months we work hard and it’s always an investment from our side to the client, but that’s the reason why the clients are sticking by. They know that we are not jumping and wasting the money.

21:24 That’s why, while you grow, it’s important to have values, behaviours aligned and at the same point in time, make sure that your performance and your recruitment reflects the same

26:46 One thing about coaches that I love is they never give answers. They ask the right questions and they can help us focus and make us accountable to the answers.

29:01 If you know this law of averages, it will help you. It will actually make you feel good, genuinely, not just for the sake of it, but actually make you feel good and help in the sales process overall, in life also.

30:34 Imagine you had the doorstep and that person slammed the door on your face. What did that person do for you? That means that’s not your ace. You have to actually thank that person because of two things. One he saved your time. And second thing is bringing you closer towards your ace.

36:31 we are making sure of three things we’re making sure of you know one being sustainable and secure at this point, making sure our team members are safe.

44:37 I think the work speaks for itself. So whatever you do, how much have you sell, longevity work speaks for itself. That’s what we believe in.

46:05 So you need to wait out for the right kind of clients at that point of time, keep working on the process, keep working on the law of averages

47:52 Processes needs to be enablers, not stop us.

48:36 We are not in the business of getting likes and engagement. It’s bullshit. I mean, even when you’re only doing social media for people, the objective is how do we grow their business and try to understand the objective.

49:34 Growing business might be getting more customers for some people, some people, it might be getting more equal value, more market share, whatever. I mean, everybody has a different goal

50:43 I think one of the biggest mistakes that social media marketers or digital marketers get into is that, if somebody gives you a brief, you directly start your ideas.




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