AGENCYBUD PODCAST EPISODE 7: Valentina Borbone CEO of the Banter Group on Staying Local and Growing Global

How to build and scale with a core set of values

Valentina Borbone is the CEO and President of the Banter Group – a full service digital agency, and is also a passionate Social media educator and speaker. She has grown her local agency at an incredible pace and we talk about the reasons for that and the structure she’s put in along the way. 

I really enjoyed this interview with the amazing Valentina Borbone from the BanterGroup. 

Amazing to talk about the local growth compass that Valentina brings to her company – at the same time, being an Advisor to the International Social Media Association. 

The insights shared are AWESOME. 

I hope you enjoy and don’t forget to hit the subscribe.

Show Notes:

3:49 I’m a pretty straight shooter. So I didn’t use the jargon. I just said, this is what we see and why would that work. And that’s ridiculous. And people found that approach understandable for their business and something that they could implement rather than I’ve read the textbooks. I’ve watched the webinars and I still don’t know what to do.

4:49 I don’t need you to understand how SEO actually works, for example, in terms of the doing the coding, what you do need to know is what it is and why it’s important. And then these are the things that affect a good SEO outcome.

8:40 So our ethos is be with your kids, go to the school, carnival work the days of the week that you want work, flexible hours, as long as the job is done. And we are professional about it, have the life that you want.

13:17 I’m empathetic to what the world is and the realities of the world. I know that I could be making a much bigger margin if I did things differently, but I’m not interested in money.

16:15 I started with core values and we review them every year to see if they still stand. It’s not a core value statement. Like I said, that gets put up on the website or gets printed on the wall. It’s something we live and breathe

17:21 If you do want to be bigger, act bigger. If you do want to be the CEO, act like the CEO.

18:36 You can’t just listen to something and think it’s going to change. You actually have to take that action. I think that’s the hardest thing for people is the fear of the unknown.

25:01 You have to invest take two steps back to take five steps forward. And I know that that meant I worked late hours, writing up templates, having them reviewed road, testing them, keep improving them. But I knew that that’s what was going to set us up longer term.

26:57 It’s never too late to make any change anywhere within the business. If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always have what you’ve always had.

28:19 If you’re not on the tools, if you’re not clicking and seeing that this behaviour is evolving, that this is the response from the community, that the change to an algorithm is based on research and applying the knowledge of that research to behaviour. You’re going to absolutely miss out on what the value of social really is.

32:06 a huge part of what my narrative is about is let’s go back to behaviour, not just what the platforms offer, but why do they offer it?

33:58 So platforms see this behaviour, they understand that. And then they adapt and businesses. Aren’t adapting to why those changes are happening.

36:49 So I think the ones that are winning are the ones that appreciate firstly, the purpose, social media for their business. A lot of people think it’s a sales platform and it’s not. It’s an influential platform. It’s discovery platform and that’s where they haven’t aligned their purpose with their metric.

40:26 Focus on the ones that you need to get across the line first. And I think what people have missed in the social spaces, it has evolved. Facebook’s been around for 16 years and what it did in year one to five is very different, what it did from five to 10 and even more different than what it’s done in the last 12 months.

54:13 You have to actually invest in your own self to have the credibility. And I think, I think that’s where a lot of people probably lose that.


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