AGENCYBUD PODCAST EPISODE 4: Sonny Mangat on Networking, Integrity and Hustle for Growth

Working with Nike, Adidas and Mazda on Your Way to Agency Domination

AgencyBud Podcast Episode #4:
The AgencyBud Podcast welcomes Sonny Mangat. Sonny is the creative director and managing partner of and talks about the importance of knowing the right people, maintaining integrity and delivering the experience the customers need in his growth of working with some of the worlds biggest brands. Enjoy! And subscribe for more at

Show Notes:

3:18 A lot of these things came from just networking. Networking with people being a social creature and being out there and putting yourself out there. Meeting people and networking with people, being a good person and knowing how to close a deal.

5:56 I think networking is massive. At the end of the day, it’s the type of company that we are. We don’t want to just have a client as a number. We want to be involved with them. 

7:32 Adidas like it was a fellow work colleagues through networking, and he knew somebody at an agency downtown who, where basically on the task of creating the stick man campaign for Adidas, the impossible is nothing campaign. 

10:04 And they like to subtly pass the message on and it actually brings so much more like more money and income to their business itself. And it becomes now almost like a gospel. 

13:47 you think you’re good but there’s always somebody that’s better than you out there. And sometimes they’re gonna buck up on them and you’re going to be taught a hard lesson. 

15:36 you grow, you learn. And the most amazing part is that admitting your faults. I think that’s a big thing behind becoming a better person and realise, and becoming a better leader, becoming a better businessman,

16:17 no one becomes a VP, president, or CEO for no reason. He goes, you’ve got to dig the trenches first. 

21:57 You can lie to anybody else out there. Don’t lie to yourself

23:49 So if I’m going to be a successful business, you got to pass other responsibilities to the people who are good at doing it.

24:50 I think that you can get a lot further with existing clients and you can’t try and chase new clients all the time

39:43 I like to say behind every great man is an even better woman.

41:48 what you need to do is you need to create and find a good team. Rule number one, you can’t do everything by yourself. 

44:50 Work smart. Don’t work hard.

40:10 First  things I would do when you get on the ground,you start networking. Build your network. Find the people that you want to kind of be involved with.

52:43 You might get shut down by all of them except for one person. But that one person might end up bringing back another six people

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