AGENCYBUD PODCAST EPISODE 5: Jesse Seilhan on Growth By Numbers

Does Analytics Beat Creative? and How to Niche Down for maximum growth

With Jesse Seilhan the managing director of Directive Consulting. We talk about building your knowledge for PPC marketing, how to grow your team, how to niche down and what it takes to bring in some incredible clients and GROW. An amazing AgencyBud session. Enjoy and don’t forget to hit subscribe at

Show Notes:

1:56 I took a passion of mine, which is video games and turn it into, another passion of mine, which is writing.

3:12 I hear a similar story where they didn’t go to school for marketing and they didn’t know anyone in marketing. They didn’t know anything about marketing and yet they somehow found themselves in marketing. I was very similar.

6:14 the vision without the data you’re going to fall flat generally, and the data without the vision will then where do we know where to go

7:54 if you can bring in historical data and context into that moment where you have that big pitch and that big vision, that’s when the stars kind of aligned

10:52 There are things are about their market that are outside of the marketer’s controls that are going to always have an influence on results. But with iteration, you know, if those things aren’t in your way, then you should absolutely be able to find success one way or the other.

11:37 It doesn’t make sense for us to engage in a relationship that we know is probably not gonna end well.

12:05 the nice thing about what we do at Directive is that we’ve been very clear with our own messaging about who we want to work with.

15:06 I think we’ve learned over the last three years that it’s not about how many clients you work with it’s about which clients you work with.

19:09 we always tell ourselves is if we were starting an agency today from scratch, what would we do different? And if we can come up with a couple of things, why don’t we start doing them now?

22:25 but where I really thrive and where I really enjoy what I do is really being a part of the human strategy.

25:12 two agencies can come up with the same campaign, but the one that tailored it to your personal expectations, beliefs, fears, goals is going to be the one who wins at the end of the day.

28:39 people don’t think about marketing channels sometimes as this lifeblood, maybe they have an old school mentality or again, they’ve fallen on success in one way or the other. So they just don’t think of marketing as a necessary thing.

31:53 So you’ve got to figure out your product first and foremost, and then you’ve got to figure out your market

32:40 your marketing team is only going to be as strong. You know, it can only be as strong as the product that it’s actually trying to market and the market is trying to market to.

33:59 something called impression share, how often do you show up when someone searches for your product or solution, if you’re not at a hundred percent for the right market that you need to be in, that’s where you can grow.

36:30 Content is huge and especially not just content itself, but knowing just like we talked about before, knowing who this content is designed for from a persona stage, but also the buying stage.

37:02 you cannot expect new traffic if you don’t provide new content

42:27 Google at the end of the day, they are a product for users. So they want to make sure that when people use their product, they have a good experience.

48:00 We really try to tell the story of where we came from to where we are now to really give them the perspective of this is a really cool space that we’re at right now.


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