AGENCYBUD PODCAST EPISODE 3: Johann Nogueira on Growing to Millions through Systems

How the hustle and grind of starting out changed with simple coffee meetings

AgencyBud Podcast With Walt Bayliss Episode 3: Johann Nogueira on Growing to Millions through System

AgencyBud podcast Special guest Johann Nogueira outlines the exact steps he’s used, time and time again to grow his businesses. From humble beginnings to running 6 international teams with hundreds of employees, Johann talks about the method of systemising and delivery that adds zero’s to organisations, and lifestyle back to the owners. Enjoy (and don’t forget to hit subscribe at  ? ) 

Show Notes:

2:44 I have not had to work in that company for the last five years, which has been amazing, which allowed me to pursue all these other pursuits. And that’s how you see all the other companies come into play. 

5:00 because of those conversations that I had 10 years ago, we’ve never had to look for work ever again.

6:03 and therefore I’m replicatable and anybody else in my company is always replicatable. So that’s what I mean by systemization.

8:38 all those little steps, which are the micromanaging stuff, which should be systemized because once that systemized, then you can find all the efficiencies. 

10:29 if you’re going to build an agency, the first thing you need to do is build a team. Okay. Build the cashflow then then work on everything else.

12:54 the moment you close that deal is the moment you start to lose the relationship.

13:44 Communication is the key to not losing any deals, not losing relationships. You gotta be open and honest with all your clients at every point in time. 

16:16 The advice I would give those people is to focus on retainer jobs. Things that get them into pretty much get their cashflow going. 

19: 23 to get everybody aligned towards one vision, that actually takes time and energy. It’s just basically to make them have the same thinking as to what’s going to happen in the future and then get them aligned once they aligned they’re unstoppable. So that’s why they’re called the dream team.

21:05 And now we also have a definition of hunting and farming. So we do a lot of farming. And in a company we don’t hunt because if you’re hunting, you’re going hunting, you’re killing something, you know, as farming, growing relationships.

23:12 If you talk to any of my guys, they’ll talk the way I talk and we all talk in the same manner because that’s how we talk to our clients. We have the same voice, we have the same care. And so the clients love that and it doesn’t matter who they talk to.

25:15 it doesn’t matter what space you’re in, business is about people. So if you care about people, that’s how you’re going to be in business. 

27:20 I don’t consider anything that I’ve done a mistake. I think of it all as learnings. And I just go, wow, cool. Learned that lesson.

31:30 I only do three things every day, so I can only, yeah, every human you, you think you can do a lot, but you can only do three things. So if you just have, you know, three things that you’re gonna achieve, that’s all that matters.

34:51 It’s all booked in because if it doesn’t get booked in, it will never happen. Life just happens too quickly.

39:45 my entire job is to help people. And so I find the people with who need the help, but where I could add the most value and those are the people I would help. And that’s how I would rebuild absolutely everything.

40:05 There’s not one business in the world that isn’t broken. Every business needs fixing. Every business needs systems.

46:51 they implemented this thing called Kaizen where they would put in everything at the top of the funnel so to speak and see what would break. And then they’d fix that and then they’d throw it in at the top again and see what else would break.


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