AGENCYBUD PODCAST EPISODE 2: Jordan Fogarty Hustling Hard and Building to A Million in 12 Months

How Digital Agencies Can Grow With Targeted Effort

AgencyBud Podcast With Walt Bayliss Episode 2:
Jordan Fogarty Hustling Hard and Building to A Million in 12 Months

Jordan Fogarty Hustling Hard and Building to A Million in 12 Months. On our podcast – Jordan Fogarty blows us away with his ethos on getting started and hustling. Building teams and culture as well as leaning on the systems that better allow for growth. Be inspired – Jordan is amazing. (and don’t forget to subscribe at

Show Notes:

2:26 I try and not get too hung up and caught up on big challenges. So obviously challenges throw us around emotionally and stress and that. But try and have a little bit of fun with it along the way

5:59 at the start the challenge is you don’t have all this advertising and marketing and great website and all these things. You just sort of starting with an idea and try not trying to give it some life.

6:56 I think what the real maybe barrier to entry is that required hustle and commitment and dedication and madness for the first year or two. It is maybe that’s the true barrier to entry

9:22 I feel like the advantage we had being small and nimble was we really invested in and understood the Facebook platform and Facebook advertising and like, okay cool. Not many businesses were doing that at the time. It was very sort of a new fresh, exciting thing to try.

11:38 And at the time we didn’t really have, you know, a systemized workflows and how we do things and a lot of structure. It was just sort of building that as you as you went along.

13:03 I started to really look around and research and read and I had other people do this. So a lot of it been self self-learned I suppose of just reading articles, books, speaking, got a culture consultant to come in

14:33 a question that constantly goes in my mind, the last sort of six to 12 months is what don’t I know right now that would make my life so much better and easier and solve these problems.

19:17 it wasn’t just miscellaneous random cold calling. It wasn’t yellow pages, just whatever. It was. Okay, who are the top 100 businesses that would be excellent clients.

21:40 it’s not so much how good you are, it’s how much you believe in yourself and what you’re selling. People feel that and they pick that up.

23:25 I remember we were almost practically in the Bush in Victoria. And I get this text from someone regarding my amazing article in Forbes and this was about a year ago and I was like, what Forbes?

26:57 How do I protect my energy? Because being the leader of a business you’re quite a vital resource to not, be either burnt out or frustrated and angry or annoyed all the time.

29:51 And that was my mission and goal to set the business up, systemized in an area where I couldn’t be there for five weeks and it ran perfectly.

30:35 Be okay with dropping and making a couple of mistakes because it comes back to that whole trying to be perfect and then getting nothing done. So yeah, Iwould lean on my team extremely heavily.

31:18 When you’re enjoying yourself having fun and achieving, then you’ll then you’re inspirational and being a good leader and empowering.

32:38 most of the things I learned were from great mentors or asking people. It wasn’t all in my head. Like, you know, I probably was more average than most people listening to this

36:03 I thrive on a good challenge. So it was like, okay, this is going to help update and upgrade my mental operating system

42:16 Journaling for five minutes in the morning about my intention for the day, what I want to achieve and then reflecting that at night. So that structure really enables me to go. I don’t think any of us spend enough time reflecting.


Ultimate Growth Playbook by Jordan Fogarty
The Ultimate Sales Machine by Chet Holmes


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