AGENCYBUD PODCAST EPISODE 18: What Do You Stand For? Your Brand And It’s Place In the World With Brian Kelly

It's The Association Of Your Customers Beliefs With Your Own That Grows Mega Companies

Brian Kelly from has worked with some of the biggest brands on the planet. From Financial to Automotive, from Entertainment to Food his stories and brand meanings can be felt all over the globe. Brian talks to about the meaning behind a brand and how to craft a story that is timeless to grow bigger than any single product or service you sell. Enjoy (and don’t forget to hit subscribe at ? ) 

Show Notes:

3:49 As time has gone on, I really have come to realise that that having an anthropological context for your brand is, is key to understanding why it matters, why it’s important to people.

5:30 You don’t change people’s beliefs. There are moments where you do have to course correct where people have a false belief about your brand, but I’m talking more about the beliefs that people have about life and about their dreams and about what they should expect from a car or a bank. And a lot of times those beliefs, while they’re held, they’re not conscious. – they’re emotional.

14:14 And so you can’t just do business as usual and not expect to miss something along the way. When reality is shifting around you. You have to be aware of that. That’s so you, as a marketer, you have to have that anthropological lens to really understand what’s happening. 

22:07 The natural desire that a creative has to see their ideas produced, basically drew everybody to the machine to make things look finished, and final, and done. 

24:30  I think the mistake that a lot of people make is they see them as it’s like science and God, like, they don’t have to be mutually exclusive. And it’s the same thing with branding and anything tactical or direct response they should work together. I mean, in the end, a good idea, even at a brand level, a good idea should drive right down to the ground and go, this is how we need to do it.

29:31 It’s the change around you that drives and necessitates. Not that you change your story, but your story has to continually be relevant, which means you have to continually be examining why you matter

30:52  People want to know why. They want to know why you’re doing – why you’re selling, what you’re selling and why you sell it the way you sell it. That’s what people need to understand. So they know where to file you in their mind. Like, what do you stand for? What’s important? What drives you? What’s your why? 

35:10 For me a good day is where you just put it all out there and you’re honest and transparent. And you said your thing, and if the client doesn’t buy it, then you’re okay with it because you basically told them what you thought the right thing to do was.

41:00 the whole point of that story is you, you’ve got to play it all the way out and you just have to throw caution to the wind and saying, look, I’m not, I’m not browbeating you. This is passion. And I’m just, I think if you did this all the way, it would be magnificent. I can’t convince you of that. I can only try.

42:10 You need somebody who wants to be famous, who wants to be meaningful, who wants to make impact, you know? And, and there are a lot of people, the majority of people aren’t – don’t. They think small, the tyranny of the urgent, they’re scared of their own shadow.

43:48 I’m not against metrics, but if you’re just working with a metrics driven client, who’s doing a sales funnel thing and it’s a sales culture, which never has a finished line because once you hit your projection, then there’s another, there’s another line out there. And so it’s just this endless, you know, keep moving the finish line, keep moving it out. 

49:16 You can increase the value of a company 20% with just a good branding campaign, which is relatively, super low cost compared to a lot of infrastructure and distribution and supply chain

52:47 You can make a good living, I think, um, staying fairly small and, and just not outgrowing your size. And I think for us, it’s about quality over quantity.


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