AGENCYBUD PODCAST EPISODE 16: Alyssa Young on How to Plan, Rebrand and Weather the Storm

Agencies and Entrepreneurs on growing through branding and direction

AGENCYBUD PODCAST EPISODE 16 On a day filled with Storms and Basement flooding, Alyssa Young, VP and director of marketing at Kickcharge talks us through the strategies that she and the team put together for clients and how to stand out from the crowd, plan for disasters and come together to stay strong. Enjoy (and don’t forget to hit subscribe at ? )

Show Notes:

2:37 Since we’re so used to doing everything electronically and virtually already, it’s really been a pretty smooth transition. We are looking forward to being together again in the office and looking to maybe do that in another month or so, but nothing concrete yet.

6:10 So we want our clients to be ready, you know, and we’re doing everything that we can to help them there. I’ve seen more even turning to us more and more for messaging that needs to go out

8:18 So that from then on journalism was just like, that was my mission. And, um, I, I created a neighbourhood newspaper that I distributed for 24 months in a row.

10:01 That’s when the newspaper needed to evolve its online presence and start updating the news online during the day.

10:37 I stepped into being like the online news editor and that job grew and evolved. And we ended up launching a whole new website and became online first.

12:27 I became part of a marketing department for the first time when I worked at LVHN. And so that taught me about brand and it taught me about just different functions and working with another agency

16:41 I’ve seen that evolve and now newer, younger people, I should say, who are coming in are not only already like pro like proficient in that language. Um, and, and they’re comfortable using it, but they’re also learning about it in school sometimes

19:02 They don’t have the time to do it. They don’t really understand it. And so, um, we’re fortunate that our clients really do trust us, and it’s probably because most of them came to us to rebrand.

22:09 You might be doing just fine with the brand that you have, but if you stand out among your competition and you reflect something good and positive and trustworthy, you’re going to grow even more.

26:21 if I don’t already have a relationship with a company that I trust, um, I’m going to Google and I’m searching for my need. And I always tell my clients like, when somebody needs you, you need to be there.
You need to show up when they do that search.

31:40 It’s about how we have our clients’ backs. That’s like our biggest mantra. And if we don’t bring someone on the team who can hold that up, then it’s not going to work.

35:20 If they’re not, they don’t believe that best practises are important enough to do for their own presence online presence. And how can you feel confident that they’re going to implement them, you know, in their campaigns?

39:41 I think that we had already created that big picture for the agency and we already know what that future looks like. And it’s really just about our client mix and how we’re going to equip ourselves to be able to help more companies.

42:36 And I think anything that just takes away like the stress and uncertainty, um, is helpful because it allows you to act more quickly and then, you know, obviously in a more timely manner. So you’re ahead of the curve when everybody’s in panic mode.

47:46 There’s a lot of collaboration going on there and people are pretty willing to like help each other out so I can see how in a chat environment like that it might be similar. Like they feel like they’re part of a family that has the same common goals.

51:38 I would encourage business owners who are still going strong now or holding out when things get better to take the time and the opportunities that are coming up to make sure you are firing on all cylinders and use it as a rejuvenation

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