AGENCYBUD PODCAST EPISODE 15: German Ramirez on What it Takes to Be an Entrepreneur and How to Break Stuff for Success

Staying on the edge of tech through curiosity

AGENCYBUD PODCAST EPISODE 15 German Ramirez is a dynamic company founder – blending a love of marketing and storytelling with a passion and curiosity in tech and emerging trends. In this high energy session, we talk about success and failure and what it takes to get your company off the ground – how the team is assembled and what’s on the horizon for some amazing emerging tech. Enjoy and don’t forget to hit subscribe at

Show Notes:

1:59 I personally have always been an absolute, uh, passionate, curious person about emerging technologies, which drove me to start with internet and e-commerce, and in the middle of the 90’s, even before Google was founded.

3:49 We decided that for this industry to become, for this market to become successful globally, for this technology to be broadly adopted, it does require and a lot of education, sustainable brand building storytelling, um, and cuts a little bit away, the whole technical mumble jumble and explain concepts in a way that are easy to grasp, easy to understand and basically make this technology relevant to the world.

4:59 If you want to really boil it down to something it’s curiosity, and if everybody’s going in one direction and there is another direction to go, that’s one I will try. I might be much more likely to fail through it but failure is a great source of learning.

5:48 I had to somehow develop an ability to translate very complicated technological concepts, into stories people understand and relate to because otherwise nobody was going to buy into anything and what I was trying to do.

7:59 I usually say that getting a tech, a tech company, founder, to take decisions about marketing is like sending a beer drinker to buy a bottle of wine. If you really have no idea, you’re going to be struggling and it’s all gonna look the same.

10:15 building a team delivers an absolutely different output in terms of quality, um, and, uh, and having people that wanted to be part of that journey is what’s very important.

13:37 If you want to prepare properly, you’re probably gonna need somewhere around three months. That is a perfect timing where you can get all your ducks in a row. We can dissect your brand, find a position in, create the story. Eventually we’ve sometimes even change the name of companies because they would not fit with the story and what we’re trying to put together.

16:08 We are not an agency that you pay by the hour. Uh, we are a strategic partner, and if we don’t believe in the project, we are not going to put our time behind it because we might end up losing money.

17:48 If you don’t believe in what it is you’re doing, if you’re not creating an impact, then you shouldn’t be making money on it.

23:06 It’s more a mentality. It’s a question of mindset. It’s not a question of under what legal compound are you operating. Um, and you know, a lot of people out there and most entrepreneurs that I know, um, experienced that they, they know it’s a bumpy road, but they kind of cannot not try to change the world

24:34 People love to talk about their successes but failures tend to be the better lessons drivers.

30:45 Oftentimes, what people think is that the idea or the technology or the solution will be the driver for success. They have a precondition for success, but the true driver for success usually has to do with many other factors, like having the right advisors, having the right partners, having the right team members, having the right timing for markets.

34:14 The pursuit for happiness, it has much more to do with than with pure financial rewards or having had something or a legacy

35:33 Don’t get hung on the values of others. Uh, try to first understand what it is that drives you and makes you happy.

37:45 Just because something is possible. It doesn’t mean it makes sense, but just because, uh, you know, not everything that makes sense as possible, but just because it’s possible to build something on the blockchain doesn’t necessarily mean that it makes sense.

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