AGENCYBUD PODCAST EPISODE 14: Travis Whyte a Grounded Pilot Whose Pivot to Marketing is Inspiring

Having a plan and preparing to troubleshoot leads to success

Incredibly inspiring, our interview with Travis Whyte from FlightPlan Marketing is an extremely timely story about problem solving and finding your way. Growing business agencies, exiting successfully and then diving back in through planned growth and strategy. You’ll love this time with Travis – Enjoy and don’t forget to hit subscribe at

Show Notes:

3:19 The focus that I had was on educational technologies. Um, there weren’t jobs within the educational technology sector for me right away, but I found that I had a skillset where I could build tools online. And so ended up just connecting with local small businesses that wanted to get an online presence.

6:08 The dream that I had as a kid of becoming a pilot that was kind of grounded when we just didn’t have the money to make that work finally became a reality.

9:19 You get into an organisation and you prove your worth. You learn the ropes from the ground up similar to what I was doing 20 years before that in the marketing world.

12:45 And that problem solving mode has been, you know, just ingrained in me, right from, you know, early days in university, all through my experiences with the marketing world, stuff like that. It’s all about problem solving.

16:35 I think it boils down to really two main things. Number one, it’s all about the team, the team that you put together.

17:42 Number two is it’s okay to say no. Uh, that was a problem that I really had in the earlier days with Whyte Space is we are, we kind of grew pretty quickly and that I brought people on board and we got to the point where you couldn’t say no, and that was tough.

21:44 And it was kind of interesting how it was really a matter of just working on relationships that, that, that this, that this fellow became a client.

24:22 So that has been probably the first place where I’ve started prospect, is just going back into that old relationships.

25:23 So I’m doing some coaching showing guys, you know, where to go, what’s the difference between a sole proprietor and a corporation? You know, how do you get the right accountant on board? You know, those kinds of things. So in the last, even few weeks, these kinds of conversations are coming up because there’s guys looking to pivot and they want somebody that’s been there and done it.

28:30 looking back now at an entire career, it was all about having a backup plan, whether it’s in a project or whether it’s in your life, in your careers or whatever. The backup plan is essential.

29:39 So again, it’s, everything’s all, you know, I hate to use the word analogy up in the air, but it really is like, nobody knows what’s going to happen.

32:26 You need to be able to get to the client, but I needed to have my checklist of things to do, to keep me focused. Otherwise you just end up not being able to get out of bed in the morning

35:08 I don’t need to slip into panic mode because I know that the plan is there. The plan is solid. I’ve done it before. It’s a matter of just going back to the basics and, and trusting in the plan.

41:44 I’ve always wanted to learn lessons from people that have learned their own lessons. And so I think that I’ve got something that I can bring.

45:20 I try to mix a little bit of the metaphor of the flying in with the, uh, the business building, because for me, they’ve gone hand in hand and I think a lot


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