AGENCYBUD PODCAST EPISODE 13: Bosko Todorovic on Creating Something Unique and Marketing with Passion

How the Wisdom and Passion for Marketing is Breaking New Ground

Join me on this incredible new platform called we did our whole interview on the new video workspace collaboration tool and I was impressed! We talk about the challenges of building teams, of working with clients and of setting new directions. Enjoy and don’t forget to hit subscribe at

Show Notes:

2:36 When this corona crisis started a couple of months ago, um, the Trember was actually developed for a completely different purpose. So we made Trember as an app for connecting people in real life.

4:39 I would say, it’s not a video call. It’s even more, it’s like video call 2.0. It’s going the direction of a virtual office space, virtual collaboration space. Because even though it looks pretty simple on a first view, it’s very complex. What you can do with it.

6:48 Compared to other tools you can do like simultaneous screen sharing. So we can both share our screens at the same time on the canvas. And change it in size and place. So you can move it around.

8:49 I would say for someone that is developing a product, but we will rather let the people decide what they’re going to do with it. Then giving them a real purpose and limiting them how to use it.

13:39 I started in marketing agency, traditional marketing agency. And I learned from scratch everything about online marketing. And I taught myself actually

16:13 you always have this feeling. I can do this by myself and if I have more freedom I can achieve even more

16:23 If you’re doing online marketing these days, it’s essential that you learn every day new things. That you develop yourself

18:38 So I always picked something that I love as a topic and then try to make a business model out of it.

20:36 it’s also the mindset of the clients. So if they let you do whatever you want, they need to have a certain kind of trust. And if they trust you in the beginning, that you are capable of doing it, that they let you just experiment or whatever, it probably will go in the wrong direction.

24:38 I love discussing with them first. Asking them lot of questions before we start doing something, because they have an idea. They probably they have the goal but they don’t know how to get there. You have to talk about that. And then sometimes it’s just the other way around. Sometimes they creating the path even before they know the goal.

26:17 Everyone wants to be inspired. Everyone wants to hear what’s going on. So they pretend to be interested. But at the end, sometimes those projects will never come to life.

29:14 They grew up with all this stuff. But when you explain them, what is behind the curtain, then they’re becoming curious. So you have to push them into this direction to show them what is actually behind and what is happening, what are the interactions, et cetera, to make them excited about it.

32:58 We are just scratching the surface because the space will move on so fast that it will be not possible to dig into everything into detail.

33:44 these days, every social media channel requires it’s media. You have to create it. I mean, creating the same kind of video for Instagram and for Tiktok will not work. Yeah.

37:39 the amazing new idea was actually not to build a real agency that has employees. My idea, was rather bringing people together for the project that are really important and can bring value

40:45 So this flexibility starts actually with a client, not every client is or loves to work with such a flexible agency.

42:18 I would say it’s always important to be face to face. Somehow one on one talk. doesn’t matter if it’s like here in a virtual way or I’m on a phone or personally, but you have to talk to the people.

43:08 If you’re passionate enough and you bring this passion through the whole communication, then they will listen to you.


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