AGENCYBUD PODCAST EPISODE 12: Liv Jones Throwing Out The Rule Book For Massive Growth And Change

How Drive and Massive Energy Balances 3 Businesses and Motherhood

Wow! What a dynamite episode. Liv Jones is a driving force and talks about how ‘throwing out the rule book’ living with fun, adventure and challenge has allowed her to build one of the biggest private health and wellness gym chains AND a dedicated digital agency at warp speed. Be inspired and get fired up with Liv. Enjoy and don’t forget to hit subscribe at

Show Notes:

4:18 We’re very passionate about it. And very early on before Attain, before FitPro formula or ThinkTank and well, before Keystone, we needed to grow RBT. We wanted to grow RBT. And we knew, obviously I think anyone in business understands that it’s quite easy to drum up business when you are the person, you know, and everyone is around you.

5:36 We were very early to the plate with Facebook marketing. You know, I remember all the good old days of Facebook marketing where you could basically say and do anything

6:35 We’re very, very fascinated by human psychology. And I think that’s basically the, the real crux of marketing is understanding, you know, who you’re marketing to, what are their pain points and how can you solve a problem

6:52 So they’ve gone down this road of fear of marketing because they say marketing is essentially devaluing the service, but marketing is one of the oldest forms of client acquisition in history.

9:01 I really think Travis and I have always gotten to where we’ve gotten by just digging deeper, working harder, outworking people, out learning people. We were always prepared to do whatever it took to get to where we want to.

14:11 For a lot of entrepreneurs and for a lot of business owners, they lack structure. And children, if you allow them, will provide you with a structure that actually makes you a better leader, a better business owner, a better parent. And it actually makes you a happier, healthier person to have that structure.

16:46 I learnt that meetings and accountability can be better than doing it yourself because you realise as you start to level up as a leader, that you are in fact, the bottleneck and the worst thing that you can do is be the person who has to sign everything off or the person who has to execute on every task. Because nine times out of 10, a hundred percent, I can probably do it better, but I’m not going to do it as well or as efficiently or as effectively as someone who is their primary role.

20:08 Why are people afraid of not getting it right? Like it is in not getting it right that you learn another way of doing things.

20:55 If you don’t fear failure, then the only option for you is success because you will just keep going because you’re going to get knocked in the head eventually. Like there’s always slaps

26:02 Decompression is about understanding you can be all in. You don’t need to be all-in on these business things. You can be all in, on being a parent, all in on business and I’m all in on chickens, you know, it’s all about having all the facets.

30:36 I’ve always been really fascinated by client acquisition. And I think I mentioned this at the very beginning, I like the psychology of it and really being able to shift and change other industries. I think fitness as an industry is actually a really exciting, fast-paced industry. It’s one that is ready to throw out the rules it’s created by a whole bunch of people that typically haven’t come from very traditional backgrounds.

32:46 So you need to try and make sure that you can engage these exciting people, innovating industries. And I think for me, it’s a game and I like to win. And so for me, the idea of being able to bring lawyers, exciting clients and grow their business through our ideas and our marketing strategies and coming with really cool ways and also keeping the integrity of someone who markets with her own money.

36:31 I’ve got a million ideas, but none of those ideas will stick. If you don’t think that there are solutions to your problem

39:12 It’s just getting them excited about having a conversation with their clients, understand where they’re at and look at things and use your skillset to flip it back and go, well, what would I want if I was sitting opposite me? And that’s where I think, you know, marketing is a gateway to business growth development, everything is.

43:13 it’s just an understanding that you need to be professional.You need to be able to communicate well, you need to have a tracking system. People need transparency. And now more than ever, people need to believe that you are communicating constantly and effectively with them about what’s happening.

45:29 you need to understand what you’re not good at to go and find people who are brilliant at that. And that’s where you create real change and real teams and, you know, amazing results

50:29 And that’s the most amazing team member I think that you can have is to understand that I don’t physically need to do everything anymore.

54:31 I also just love that marketing right now can give people security, but I also look forward to people being able to see their business growing forward.

56:45 People are always willing to tell you everything that they know now. What you do with that, that’s you.


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