AGENCYBUD PODCAST EPISODE 11: Craig Taylor Marketing Agency Thriving In A Vertical

Do growth and restraint go hand in hand? How choosing the right fit, really is the right path

Craig is the Managing Director of A marketing agency that focuses on the B2B technology space. We talked with Craig about his choice to focus in on that specific area. How he came to grow so quickly to be the agency in demand in that space and what the next moves are. Enjoy and don’t forget to hit subscribe at

Show Notes:

2:17 I’m a firm believer that you’ve got to have some specialisation or a niche focused so. That’s typically what we advise our clients. And I think the main reason for that is this just purely down to the fact that most of my experience has been in that space

4:38 So new things have moved on significantly since then, thankfully, but it was a, it was a good start starting point. And a lot of good contacts. There was some quite senior people in that environment. That’s sort of took me under their wing and coached me.

6:06 fundamentally, the key cornerstones of marketing that have always been, still applies. You still got to have a good strategy and still very much, for me, the biggest thing in marketing is about getting your message right.

9:43 I think that the two roles overlap massively, but they’re also quite distinct. So I think there’s certain skills that marketeers have the salespeople don’t have and vice versa.

11:32 A lead is a lead. And it’s how you work out that lead. And sometimes, there’s no kind of linear path with a lead. It’s a bit of a zig-zag journey.

17:29 this is what a lot of companies are facing now is I think they’ve seen the benefits of actually working remotely has driven productivity quite significantly in many respects, probably more so for companies that weren’t doing it before.

26:27 we’ve got sort of a, a methodology that, that we we work with which we would kind of use it, the phrase, demand probability. Which is trying to make sure that all of the aspects of strategy and tactics are kind of optimised. And the more you do that, the better results that you’ll get.

27:37 a lot of companies cut corners on actually really going out to the market and asking the market what their challenges really are, what their priorities are.

33:45 I think where we are in our lifecycle where we’re starting to be a bit braver. I think when you start out, most agency owners will tell you if they’re watching, in the early days you kind of take what comes your way. And that may not necessarily be the best thing.

36:58 you’re a small business you’re trying to grow and you sort of be just a very small cog in a very big wheel. So to get such a response, people wanting really keen to come work with you. I think that was, that was quite surprising and quite pleasing to obviously see.

39:01 I think it all comes down to relationships. And I think that’s particularly important, not just from a prospecting or new business point of view, but also when you’re working with clients, that’s the biggest single thing for us

40:40 you’ve got to balance the short term and longterm. I think generally what most people say is you should have, you should have a 55% focused on the longterm and a 45% focused on the short term if that helps.

44:34 sensitivity and empathy is really, really key at the moment.


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