AGENCYBUD PODCAST EPISODE 10: Pranav Adnani on Digital Agency Growth done FAST

How developing local strategies leads to national growth

Our special guest has worked with brands like Lenovo and Nickelodeon, right through to some of the biggest health and wellness brands in India. Pranav Adnani talks through incredible strategies for growth and recruitment. Enjoy and don’t forget to hit subscribe.

Show Notes:

2:42 I wanted to move on to another role at the same agency, but then they told me that will take some time. So I thought might as well give it my own shot and start my own agency, you know? Cause I always had that dream of doing my own thing. 

5:01 And I just felt that if I stay on for a very long time in the corporate space and in the whole job scenario, there’ll be no right time that will come my way. It’s either now or never.

10:20 I genuinely believe that, if you treat your employees well, your employees will treat your clients well, and that’s how you’ll grow as an agency. 

13:06 These mistakes are common to every manager’s life. I think you’ve got to learn from your mistakes and understand what’s the perfect fit for your organisation. So screening processes is very important.

15:50 I genuinely want to grow at a steady pace. I don’t want to kind of increase my bandwidth by two X or three X overnight and then lose all my clients altogether because that’s not a healthy as an agency. 

20:20 So ultimately it’s very important to prioritise your objectives. So even if sometimes I’m wrong, my team, my employees, they correct me and they remind me, so this is what we believe is right. So it’s important and it’s healthy to have such kind of debates for the best interest of the brand.

21:22 If you don’t have a story to tell, you won’t be able to get much interest on your brand’s voice.

24:14 I would not like to l kind of oversell my brand, or it shouldn’t be a false fit. But I see a lot of brands doing that today even though a situation or a moment marketing initiatives is not relevant to their own brand they still like to talk about it because everyone’s talking about.

28:48 Do what works for your brand, but make sure that the whole synergy of the content that you are doing works in the favour of your brand.

33:39 You need an ambition and you need it for success, a drive for success, just to kind of keep you going. You shouldn’t get satisfied doing it. Don’t get complacent.

34:39 I know for a fact that everyone has their personal ambitions and goals, and you’ve got to come to terms with it

45:57 I believe that if you have an attitude of you know growing along with the client, you’re, you’re gonna reach heights

50:18 If I’m going back to my employees and telling them that, listen, you know, this is, this is where I felt like you were lagging. And this is where I feel there’s a scope of improvement. I should know their work somewhere in order to be in those shoes to kind of give advice to them. Otherwise they’d be like, he doesn’t know anything about my job. Why is he telling me that


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