Advanced Traffic Technique – Definitely Working for me…..

I started this technique about 3 weeks ago in my business – and the results have been really noteworthy.
Definitely worth sharing.

These are the statistics and numbers from a Free product (giveaway)

This is the real number of people added to the list since the three weeks began.


The traffic method has been sending Solo ads traffic
(the other campaigns show SEO traffic and Paid advertising too…)

the cool thing is AFTER the solo spike.. the traffic continued – because of this System. 

This is REAL clicks back to the site…. 

And this is REAL genuine people added to my database
Same solo add spike of traffic shown by the arrow. 

And this one – showing a solo BEFORE retargetting and after. two spikes.  

look at the increase in FOLLOW UP SIGNUPS


so – that is one campaign running. 

PR Powershot is getting BETTER click throughs – and sales have gone from a steady 8 a day (SEO traffic) 

to 14 – 16 per day (that is an additional $250 in my pocket every day!) 


So this is working REALLY Well. 
I am using a top Retargetting company called Perfect Audience (Click) for the system – 
They are really easy to use – You can get a Free $70 two week trial through this Link CLICK HERE if you want to try them out. 

And A HUGELY valuable resource on this – Is a training course called Facebook RECOUP 
Which just came out  
It is on the advanced level online – but WELL Worth it – as you can see from the numbers above. 

CLICK HERE to grab the guide if you are into getting traffic – and want to see some boosts in your results. 

I hope that helps. 

Not for people just starting out – but if you are starting to get traffic – and want to BOOST the results – this is 
DEFINITELY recommended. Click here to grab it. 

Yours In Success

Walt Bayliss



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