A Weekend With Marketers – Part Two

Did you catch Part One? Some awesome talks – click here to pick up some tips from the first part. 

A Weekend With Marketers – Part Two. Marketing Summit UK 2013

Developing Software
Paul Clifford – A terrific way to start Part two. 

Paul Clifford is a man after my own thinking – and more to the point… a genuinely nice guy. 
Paul spoke of putting together a 7 figure software company – and because this is something that I am genuinely on the same path of…. his words had my pen flying. 

Paul started by asking us….. “Who is failing right now” 
And with the message that “Fail Faster” is the way forward. 
Get failing!! If you are not failing… you are not growing. 

Paul also broke down the exacts of what it takes to bring in a million dollars in a year – And when you think about it… $3,000 a day is the target. 

If you have software that sells for $100 (for example) It is just 30 sales of that per day. 

$200 – 15 sales. 

$50 60 sales. 

And a combination of many different software titles – and cross promotion of these to your database can add up very quickly. 


Paul then went on to talk about the software industry – 

“You are never (ish) going to be FIRST to market with a new Idea”
Google were not first in Search

Facebook wasn't the first social network

Apple wasn't the first into MP3 players. 

But the methodology is simple…. find something there is a market for already – and make a good product BETTER. 

Design and ‘wireframing' took a good part of Paul's talk – making sure the DESIGN for the UI (User Interface) of the software is on paper – then the functionality can come through the design. 

Start with “There should be a button over there…. that does ‘this'” and Paul offered some good software for this called Balsamiq.com


And it looks great – starting from just $79 is CHEAP. 

Paul spoke as well about managing a team of outsourcing developers – and the clarity of the design is paramount. 
Communicate with them DAILY is a big message. 

One of the big areas that Paul spoke of as well, that really hit a note with me was the concept of RETARGETTING – when it comes to advertising. 

This – in essence – is the ability to place a cookie on someones machine as they visit your site – that then allows your targetted ads to be shown to them as they continue to browse. This isn't new… but certainly WAS new to me. 
And when you consider that retargetting ads is cheaper – than normal ppc – and that people will only typically buy after their 5th look at something… this is a huge factor that I had been missing. Will be implementing SOON (Thanks Paul!)


Matt Ford spoke of designing your sales funnel and the importance of testing before Launch. 

A couple of the Gems from Matts hour was – 

Start your offer with the OTO in mind. 
As in… build your entire funnel (front to back) about the UPSELL. 
Make the highest profit product the focus. 
Instead of (what is most common) Starting with a front end… and getting two days away from launch and thinking… OOPS – I need a higher offer on the back – do the reverse and build the front end as a lead in…. Good thinking actually. 

Also in some tips – 
One good one – was that as someone has bought – they typically get a ‘Thank You' Email from the autoresponder in the back end. 
Put Your OTO offer link on the TOP of that email – as many people will have closed the page and not seen it. 


One of My Favorites

Without taking away from any of the other speakers – one of my favourites from the weekend was Marc Milburn. 
Interestingly – I didn't take ANY notes in this section… Becasue Marc had me captivated. 

Marc spoke of increasing your business model – 
Going from a smaller picture to a bigger one – without any additional effort. 

Marc spoke of seeing yourself as a digital publisher of quality information and invited us to view our businesses as would be done by the head of a (traditional) publishing house. 

Thinking of a publishing house… one that has literally HUNDREDS of titles in it's stable… Do you think the CEO of that publishing house has ANY knowledge about knitting, or growing apple trees…. just because they have a book about those subjects… No. 
What they do know… is what will sell.

Marc also spoke of a 60% (plus) Clickthrough rate on emails to the niche's outside of the typical Make Money Online stuff. 

That alone would change your business significantly. 

And along the lines – Where Marc asked us to KEEP teaching people how to make money online – but also invited us to STOP doing this as well (because that is all the industry is known for….) 
Marc offered the simple formula that was echoed as well by Mark Wallace the day before – and others

Find a market that is large. 
Get an Expert to create the content
Set up a Funnel 
Drive traffic. 

It is a SIMPLE model – 
and it has put Marc well above the norm in the industry. 

MarcMilburnTo Reach Marc – Go To http://www.marcmilburn.com/

And the last notes were from the well known (but hardly ever seen) Chris Munch. 

I'll be brief on Chris – although his talk was outstanding… 

A few of the things that struck home….

The only thing to think about in terms of SEO….. IS CONTENT!!

Chris (who is known for his SEO knowledge) pointed out that the ONLY thing that you should be doing is

Focussing On

And the first letters of those three lines…. are Chris's personal philosophy on Google. 

Believing that if you focus on the content – and bring the traffic from viral nature systems (being shared!!) then Google will take notice ANYWAY. 

Chris also spoke of doing things in your business that put the ODDS in your favor. 
Making sure that you are building your content and your marketing to feed the EGO of the customers (their need to feel good) 

Chris was LOW key… and VERY much different than I had him pictured. 
A consummate professional. 

Chris also spoke of the BEST method of Approaching JV partners…. and that is to offer help. 
Give of yourself. 
Fastest way to make an impression. 


The Weekend in Manchester was amazing, eye opening and fantastic. 

I am so thrilled and honored at the people I got to connect with and learn from. 

It has really given me a hunger to get to more events in this space. What a great bunch of people and a weekend VERY well spent. 

Yours in Success

Walt Bayliss

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Walt Bayliss Online Entrepreneur

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