A weekend With Internet Marketers. Marketing Summit UK 2013

Just coming back from the marketing summit UK held in Manchester over the weekend and going back through my notes – let's see what I can put down on paper. 

Manchester Marketing Summit – 2013


One of the most exciting things about the lead up to this weekend hit me as we were boarding on Friday afternoon. 
“My goodness! I am just about to sit in a room filled with people who RELATE to what I do….”

Because that is so often NOT the case in our industry. 
And a big part of that comes from most people (especially when they are starting out…) are working nights or weekends on the internet trying to scrape together the cash and for them it isn't a business. 

But for me… Who has been lucky enough to work online (Full time) for a couple of years – it is easy. 

I am a software developer. 

That is the primary focus of the business these days. Producing great software programs is what I do (thanks to my team around me of course) 

But after the weekend… there was some fantastic speakers. Some ‘Heroes' of mine. And the lessons learned not only re-inforced my Software Developers position but also expanded my conciousness in a few GREAT ways. 

Let's go back through the notes. 

First Speaker, Brad Gosse. 

Brad was an eye opener for me. Firstly because his marketing ‘mojo' and mine don't always add up. 
My background as ‘good boy' and one who stays out of trouble – had difficulty relating to the ‘half baked' image that Brad always presents. 

So saying – I was really impressed by Brad's message. 

Brad opened with talking about our business – as a business. And asking – Would the CEO of your ‘larger company' do what you do??
Specifically relating to outsourcing (support and others) 
“If You Don't Like It, Aren't Good at It, Or just plain Don't Want To Do It… Outsource it!” was Brad's answer on the question of WHAT should be outsourced. 

And Brad also went on to talk about the value of CREATING ASSETS in this space as well. Organising and PAYING WELL to people to perform tasks for you – that are true assets to your business (growing in value – putting cash in your bank) 

One of the chats I had with Brad later, was about the next part of his talked where he went on in a bit more detail about the assets. 

What will your business LOOK like in 5 years from now… 
and we talked about the ‘graduating' steps for product developers… Getting OUT (as fast as possible) of the lower end products that can be churned out and more often than not are obsolete in 6 months. Getting GREAT products out there that are still the best in 5 years time. 

That is the kind of business that is an exciting one to be in the front of. Right?

Building Real Assets and Front of line Products – That is a cool thing to take away indeed. 

from TeacupMarketing.com


Some other great tidbits included Brads formula for success in Webinars – “Teach people Long Division and then sell them a calculator”
Showing people exactly what they need to do – to achieve an end result. Covering all the steps and details – and then at the end, offering a ‘done for you' service or piece of software that automates the task. 

Split Testing and the need for it – came up quite a few times during the weekend and Brad was the first to ask… “Who engages in testing of any kind” and his response when the show of hands came back… “You'll notice the people with the high incomes…. are the ones with the hands up.” 
That was a big thing for me. Split testing landing pages, even headlines and more – can be done easily… and the evidence is clear. 

Getting an Outsourcing MANAGER was a revelation for me too – someone who is paid higher… but oversees the people doing the tasks… gives you ONE person to instruct and one person to liase with. A good person to have in your team. 

There was some other juicy Notes from Brad, like buyer profiling and fast traffic methods that really resonated with me too. 

This is Brad and Mark Lyford who also gave an intense talk. 


After the break…

Anthony Tilley spoke to us about Solo ads – And while this model is not something I am interested in (per-say) it certainly brought home the value of continuously building the database of your active subscribers. 
I put pen to paper – and started ‘Operation 52 squeeze' To make sure  I have 52 new Lead capture pages set by the end of the year. 

Mark Wallace
An AWESOME presentation. Really struck home with me. 
Mark makes a fortune every year online… and doesn't sell ANYTHING to the typical market of ‘How to Make Money Online'
Marks products cater to much much wider audiences and the biggest thing I took from Mark's speech was the way in which to FIND these markets and then build marketing programs and products into the need. 

The reality here on this presentation is KNOW YOUR NUMBERS. and the importance of that message. 
Once you know your numbers… from every traffic source, you can scale up to an infinite level. 

One amazing (for me) session was the ‘Dragons Den'.
And this is WHY it was amazing – 
We were broken into groups of 12 people and had to come up with a piece of SOFTWARE in that time. 
We had to have a plan for it, a sales funnel and be able to present it to the ‘Dragons', from whom we were seeking investment capital. 

Dragonsfrom csis

It was AWESOME…. and something that will stay with me for a very long time. 
Mostly because of the PROCESS and the end result. 

We started with brainstorming…. 
A something to remember… that I got taught, During Brainstorming there are NO wrong answers. 
Write down EVERYTHING… nothing gets eliminated (and I mean NOTHING) 

So we stared brainstorming on a niche.. 
Looking for a big market – was something we had just been taught. 
We threw about ten niches on the table quickly – and then by process of elimination narrowed it down to 2
From those two – the niche we chose was a good size and one who spends. 

THEN – the process was starting with the UPSELL in mind… this allowed us to design what was the final product (the elite version) 
from there – to back track, we ended up with a very nicely featured APP for mobiles that could be downloaded Free – and had upsells to higher memberships with recurring income as well as ‘In App' purchases to bring in Revenue. 

The End Result… was amazing – 

We ended up securing (pretend… Kind Of) Funding for our app and system – to the Tune of $10,000
Now – for the sake of the game, that $10,000 cost us 50% of the company – which I would never do at that cost… BUT

Let's REALLY look at that… 
If 50% of the company was valued at $10,000 
That means the concept itself had an immediate valuation of $20,000

$20,000!!! for an idea – that was well planned but born in just 20 minutes. 

What does that mean?
It means…. THINK MORE. 

It means…. sit down and follow the strategy, of finding a big enough market… and then profiling the people in the market… and producing a product that solves an issue for that market. 
Can you make $20,000 in 20 minutes following this model HECK YEAH! 
And in fact… you can make a lot more…. Worthy. VERY Worthy exercise indeed. 

Paul Clifford Was next and was Incredible!!
I'll pop the rest of the weekend on another post…. 


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  1. Great post, I especially liked the dragons den although I'm still not sure who won? Great team building exercise with ( as you say ) some real sustainable ideas. Its amazing to see what can be achieved in 20 mins. Great to see likeminded people passionate about marketing.. Looking forward to the next one.

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