A Responsibility? (Success – I Mean)

I am reading the 10x rule at the moment which is an awesome book for lifting the lid on your expectations and the way you set and achieve goals.

Basically – it says this…

Whatever your goals are – multiply them by ten – in every facet.

The goals should NOT have any limits on them. Why?
because -then by nature – you will limit what you are willing to do to achieve them.

So – the second part of that is to think about all you will need to do to achieve those goals.

And then times that by 10 as well.

If you think you need to contact 20 people… contact 200

if you feel like you need 6 months – most likely you will need 60

and the same said for the amout you think it will cost you, or how difficult it is to achieve –

times those by ten as well.

And the good news is… when you do that – and accept it – and chase hard after it – you can't be stopped 🙂

which is pretty cool.

now – for the part about success being your responsibility.

Your ethical DUTY

Because… that is the truth.

you weren't born, to get halfway there.
to leave questions unanswered, and things not done

you were born – to achieve. All that you can.

I love the TREE analogy by Jim Rohn –

a tree doesn't get ‘ this big' and feel like they made it – great, we can relax now.

no – a tree grows to be as big as it can.

get it's roots as far into the ground as it can

and to grow – every day.

That is God's purpose – And we were created perfectly to achieve it.

So – Personally.
It is my DUTY to race hard.
to achieve success

to be all I can be –
for my children (I hope you read this along the way….)

for my Wife

for God

and for myself –

race hard. times it by 10!

we are just getting started!! 🙂
Fun huh?

Yours in Success

Walt Bayliss

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