A Little Bit Old School

It's amazing as I look back over the past few years, at the amount of INCREDIBLE programs and platforms I've invested in (and created!) in the online marketing space.

Every week, Heck – every DAY
my inbox is flooded with the newest method, the latest tool and the MUST HAVE system for succeeding online.

But – I ask… is it necessary?
Now, I am guilty of getting behind a lot of tools and online systems, (see my endorsed products section…)
because, damn, they are SO CHEAP that you can help ‘add one more' to the toolbox in the hope that it is going to be THE ONE to add a million subscribers to your list, or bring people flooding to your door.

The plain truth of the matter – is that you need to define your audience. First and foremost.
then you need to identify the problems, that your product can solve, for your audience.
Then you need to find a way to put YOUR message infront of as many people in that audience section as possible.

So many shiny tools.
SO many different methods.
Ask yourself though, do you have a solid plan for using it RIGHT NOW.
And is it going to achieve the objective (above)
if not, pass.
If yes – Grab and use!
and remember to stay on that path.

Author: Walt
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