A Good Deed! Helping Troy’s Wife – Beat Liver Cancer… (Hit Send!)


One of our own – Troy Humphrey A product creator, a JVZoo producer and an all round nice guy. Has been hit as a family, as his wife Sarah is battling Liver Cancer. Troy has done what many can't – and managed to get a very cool product UP and onto the net – in a way to make more money to help WHILE working through a 12 hour per day job – that takes him miles from home – when they are hoping for a call for a liver donor and he needs to RUSH within hours to get Sarah to the hospital. As well as Juggling the kids – Troy needs some help. He needs the kind of help that THIS group of JV partners can bring to the table. His plugin – allows businesses to send text message marketing and it is a top platform. restaurants, mechanics, hair salons and any service industry can use this. Heck – even schools and community groups – with instant messaging.

I am putting up $500 from my own pocket as a JV Prize  And am asking you guys to do a DRIVE for Troy and Sarah With ONE BIG PUSH on February 28th. Just a weekend – two mails, and unopens. And help Troy and Sarah battle this cancer – with a good cash injection. Please mark the date in your calendar. It is a saturday – ‘KIND OF' between launches (if there is ever such a thing) and we can really help these guys. This is the link to sign up and get your links for Troys system – https://www.jvzoo.com/affiliates/info/129001 It has a license at the front – and a $67 Developers license (sell to businesses) as the upsell. Standard commission is going to be 50% – you can elect to give more across to the family if you like But, I know we all have to eat as well. SO – A GOOD DEED! And a good product, to help someone in the way that we can. More on this to follow – but please mark in the 28th weekend for a PUSH to help save Sarah. And do, what we all do – so well. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart. You all – are the best JV Partners, friends and colleagues a guy could ever ask for. Yours in Partnership and Success Walt Bayliss

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