A fortunate few days… Christmas 2012

It really has been an amazing and fortunate few days with friends and family over this festive period for 2012. 

Travelling this year in Europe – and enjoying that freedom, has been an amazing journey in itself, but the last few days have really been a gift. 


Travelling in Europe for a year. Christmas 2012


Christmas morning happiness!!

We spent Christmas in Pascani – a small (ish) city in Romania – where Magda was born and raised. 
Lucky enough to spend that time with her Mum, the kids and Magda's Brother and wife. Mixed in with many MANY kids coming to the door caroling and friends all over coming to visit. 

A Huge celebration in the evening out – in fancy dress, (which is rare for me…..) and enjoying lazy mornings and lots of happiness with the kids playing and finding all the new toys and finding the old toys (again…)

One of the highlights has to be the 27th and 28th (yesterday) as we hit the road – and traveled about 100Km to celebrate St Stephan's day with a good friend and Magda's other brother. 

The destination was a private ‘castle' and the time spent with an entrepreneur of epic proportions. 


Inside the castle

Looking around at the ability to achieve is truly inspirational. 


Beautiful artwork.

View of the castle grounds

View of the castle grounds

The path set by this person – employing thousands of people and living a larger than life existence – will stay with me for a very long time. 
A down to Earth individual – who's personal involvement in the little details – surprised me… and the respect for and from his staff was a joy to see. 

I asked – how was his success started…. and he took me (of course) to his library. 


But I feel like the biggest lesson for me from that trip was seeing a bigger picture. 
Seeing something made possible that would have otherwise been Impossible in my thoughts. 

I remember reading the 21 laws of leadership by John Maxwell – and the first law being ‘the law of the lid' and how for the most part – the ability to LIFT the lid – is the difference. 

Here's to lifting the lid. 
Mine sure has been 

A beautiful time of year – a beautiful life indeed. 

I will update with some photos  – 

but take the lesson, of lifting the lid – see things larger than you presently do… and amazing life stories can come from setting your own direction. 

Merry Christmas to ALL


Here is to an amazing new year – the best one YET!


Yours in Success


Walt Bayliss

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