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Need an experienced online entrepreneur, a professional software developer and internet marketing expert for a Podcast interview,  TV segment, radio broadcast, or magazine?

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My name is Walter (Walt) Bayliss. I am an online entrepreneur, a professional software developer, and an internet marketer. I am lucky enough to earn a full-time income from the internet after learning, adapting different methods and techniques. I started out my journey online in 2008 and left the corporate world to use the internet as my playground. Now, I have a number of key websites up and running with our products, software and systems all focused on customer relationship management, data analysis and business security.

Moving forward the big focus is on development of systems and software in a few areas such as mobile technology and social media. My goal is to help entrepreneurs improve customer experience and provide solutions.


  • Nominated for Telstra Small Business Awards 2017






  • Guest With Jimmy Kim: Building A Million Dollar Business:

  • Las Vegas – Featured Speaker: Building A Better YOU :

  • Guest With Henry Gold : Starting Up Businesses :



  • Startup Businesses
  • Motivation and Action
  • What’s required to Succeed
  • Building An Outsourced Team
  • Setting Goals and Working Towards Them
  • Building a Database of Customers and Affiliate Marketing
  • Balancing Life



  • Repwarn – Advanced Reputation Management Software.
  • DataJeo – Knowing Your Customer Is The First Step In Success. 
  • WebinarJeo Webinar Software – The Most Complete Webinar Software Available


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