On Upsells and their place in the market…

I had some feedback from a client – talking about a product he purchased… and how uncomfortable he felt with the upsells offered after the initial purchase. 

Meaning that, he visited a site. Liked what he saw on the page – Purchased the product, and then was immediately shown additional products or services as a supplement to the original 

I know this is a touchy subject with a lot of people, so I just thought I would offer my thoughts here. 

Here is what I wrote.

“thanks for the feedback – 
I know that the upsells are always on a bit of thin ice. 
The reality is that the base product is complete and nothing else is NEEDED
it is simply the opportunity to ask someone if they want more.
Like, I guess when you buy a car – the people ask you – do you want window tinting or floor mats
or even buying from the menu at a restaurant, the waiter will ask you if you want the sides to go with it. 
You can always say no (even if the wording is written to best convince you otherwise)”
I always tell a story of a local dentist. 
She had a patient on the table, and was due to do a filling – 
While she was working, she saw another tooth that was ‘edgy’ but ok at the moment. 
She didn’t say anything to the patient
Although she could have put some preventative treatment on at the time. 
because she didn’t want to seem ‘salesy’ and she didn’t see herself in that role. 
Now – 
6 months later – the client is back – getting more work done, on the tooth – that has now turned into a cavity. 
Did she do the right thing by holding back? of course not. 
Sometimes – the role of a professional is NEEDING to be salesy – and offer additional steps, otherwise – they simply aren’t doing the right thing by the client. 
the additional steps are always voluntary…. But if they aren’t offered, the professionals at the front are not doing the right thing by everyone. 
Ultimately – it comes down to your belief in the products and services you offer. 
Do you honestly and totally believe that what you are offering is the best and that people will be actually missing out, if they pass it up? 
Then – you have no concerns. 
In fact… if you DON’T make the additional offerings to people – you are NOT doing the right thing by them. 
They NEED your product and it is your job to let them know about it. 


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