Our Newest Tool. Lead Geyser Lead Generation Software Version 2.0

Lead Geyser 2.0 is released

to bring you our latest software application
Today – we release version 2.0 of Lead Geyser, Lead Generation Software

Instantly find leads in any area
in any geographic location
and get all their contact details. 
Push one button – And contact the DECISION MAKER
without going through the 'gatekeepers' 

Push another button and save them to the inbuilt CRM 
program – for future follow up and communication. 

Store notes and data –

Take it with you ANYWHERE
Lead Geyser works on ANY platform
Including Ipads, Phones and anywhere with an internet connection.

Lead Generation Software

But That's Not All! 

We have built in 
IN DEPTH social media analysis. 

Search any keyword for groups, pages and people

Find out the TOP influencers
and contact them directly. 

See the demographic breakdown of the groups (for marketing) 

and more. 

Lead Geyser is everything you can ever want in a lead generation tool. 

You will get lifetime updates 
(as always with ALL of our software) 

And there are some really cool things being added in within a couple of weeks from now. 

You get them all too! 

And here is the BIG OFFER

Right now – 
and ONLY right now, 
as we celebrate the launch of version 2.0 

You can pick this up for 80% off the price. 

But this is ONLY now. 
and ONLY for you as an existing client. 

Go Here and Grab Your Copy: http://leadgeyser.com 

Finding leads – is the single most challenging part of any business. 

Lead Geyser makes it easy. 

Go and grab our launch offer http://leadgeyser.com
(it is lifetime pricing… and it is a STEAL. but only for right now) 

Yours In Success

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PS: This offer is strictly for the fast action takers. 
There is no OTO or upsells on this one. Just great software at a rockbottom price. 


The only Lead Generation tool you will ever need. 

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Yours In Partnership And Success

Walt Bayliss

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