Building Systems – for Time Leverage

Build It Once – It Will Support You Forever

Building systems requires (sometimes) a bit more planning and thought…
and DEFINITELY more time.
but when you do it right, you can leverage what you do.
What ‘Water shortages’ are around you?
What pipelines can you build to solve those issues?

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Walt Bayliss

Walt Bayliss

There’s A First Time For Everything

Welcome to DAY ONE of our Live broadcast series

Topic: Worthiness!

You (yes you!!) Have a right to be here!
And the WHOLE is not complete… without YOU!

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I cut off in the video above (learning the MEVO 🙂 )
But my point is this…
YOU have Value.
YOU are worthy…
The whole – is not complete – without YOU.
see you on the next Broadcast.
Walt Bayliss

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